You know how there are times when you see something over and over and start to wonder, “Should I be paying attention to this?” Well that is what has been happening to me with the messaging around “honor your commitments to yourself.”

I had heard this adage before and to be honest have struggled to uphold this way of life. But recently, I was seeing the message repeatedly and had to wonder, why? First, I was reading a book where the topic came up; then a day later, I was meeting with an accountability partner and she mentioned that she was focusing on it. Ok weird! But I truly stopped to pay attention when I was listening to my business coach and that was the topic of one of the lessons.

I started to wonder why this message was occurring so regularly and what was the underlying lesson I needed to take from it. Call me weird, but I am a believer that you get the signs and signals you need to hear most, and this message was coming through load and clear.

As I have sat with it for a couple of weeks, I realized that I continually dream and ideate about taking my business to the next level. I recognize the commitment it takes to up level and I am not blind to the level of dedication that goes into growing a business, but I also had to acknowledge that I realistically was not putting forth the effort it would take to get me there…hence the message!

So, the old adage, if it is not on the calendar, it won’t happen. While that might be true, there is also the reality that even if it is on your calendar, it might not happen. Here is how it typically goes for me, I sit down with my calendar, fill all the timeslots with “what I should be doing” i.e. batching Facebook posts, writing blogs for the month, etc.

The trouble is honoring those commitments once they are on the calendar. I would over schedule myself, leaving no flexibility. I would look out at my calendar but be immune to the task I has scheduled. The minute a lead comes in or I am asked to do something, I would slot them in wherever I didn’t have a physical obligation to someone else.

I honored my commitments to others, more than to myself.

I’d tout that I am adaptable, spontaneous and flexible. I loved that part of my personality and my business was suffering because of it. What I needed to realize was that it didn’t need to be either-or. I can honor my commitments, while also allowing flexibility during set times.

I have had to evaluate is how badly I want to up-level my business. I have acknowledged that consistence in my schedule and devotion to my calendar, is what is needed to reach my goals. Yet, I also have openings in my calendar that allow me flexibility, without guilt or shame.

This has been a huge growth moment and I must work on it daily. I still get distracted by shinny objects, yet I can say that I have a new level of appreciation for my calendar. I now see this tool as a visible way to uphold my commitment to myself, my dreams and my business. I recognize that as a solo-preneur it is up to me to keep myself accountable and a calendar is a great mechanism to making that happen.

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