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Blissfully Unaware

When I was young, I used to love to sing about rainbows.  They were all made-up songs.  Songs that I am sure made no sense, but my parents played along. I also loved to color rainbows and would hum as I colored.  Blissfully unaware.  Unaware of what is acceptable and...

Happily Ever After, NOT!

Fairy tales lead us to believe that we need to strive for this ideal of "happily ever after," like it is a destination everyone should shoot for.  This belief that you will eventually get there and then everything will be perfect. Yet, let's be honest, it always feels...

Honestly, I am Feeling a Bit Derailed

Everything happening in the world has left me feeling Blah!  Like most of my blogs, I like to talk about relevant issues, things I am noticing not only in myself but those I work with as well.  This blah feeling for me has been there for a couple of months, yet in the...

Acceptance of who you are, as you are right now

Last week I had a full schedule of coaching. It is the fabulous part about my life, one day I can be staging or decluttering and the next I am in the throes of coaching.  One thing I have picked up on is oftentimes there are themes and/or similarities in what people...

The Comfort in Being Included

Last night I was invited to join a private Facebook group.  I scrolled through the group looking for who I knew and found comfort in being included.  Since then I have been thinking about what, if anything, this says about me. While I believe that humans...


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