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I Love Checklists

  So one thing I know is that we are all motivated by different things. For myself, I like the feeling of accomplishment of checking something off my list. How do you get things done? I have for as long as I can remember, been a list person. Partially it started...

Giving and Receiving

What is resentment telling you?  Life is filled with lessons. Lessons are all around us. I have talked in the past about paying attention to what your feelings are telling you.  Listen to your feelings and try to discover if there is a lesson to learn. Have You Been...

Getting Real with Myself

Every year around this time, I like to look at my goals and do some life planning. I do it this time of year because it is my birthday week and I love the process. Plus, I love to ponder how to make the next year the best year of my life. So, my birthday is nearing...

Plot Splits

Life Looks Completely Different Plot splits, that moment that completely changes the trajectory in life.  Where life looks completely different.  I love books and movies where the plot-line gives you a snapshot of how life could have been completely different, had the...


We all have the pieces of our personality that we shame. We all have the pieces of our personality that we shame.  Those pieces we shame either because someone pointed it out to us with a level of critique or we have mentally battled with ourselves over them. One of...

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