Transforming Lives and Spaces to Find Balance, Inspire Creativity, and Enhance Efficiency


Transforming Lives and Spaces to Find Balance, Inspire Creativity, and Enhance Efficiency

About Kreat & Design

We are a unique life and design company that offers HOME STAGING, DECLUTTERING, AND LIFE COACHING services. We guide clients through an individual approach to achieve their goals.

We work with people who are looking to:

  • Create a functional, esthetically pleasing space so they can get top dollar when selling a home.
  • Simplify their lives by decluttering and organizing their homes & workspaces.
  • Reboot and launch into their next act with some guidance and accountability.


Kreat & Design is based in Alexandria, MN, but virtually serves clients in all locations.


Life Coaching

Reboot & launch into your next act with some guidance and accountability. Helping women find their joy and empower them to change their lives.

Home Staging

Earn top dollar and sell your home faster with Kreat & Design’s professional staging services. We will ensure your home appeals to a wide range of buyers.


The physical space where you live and work is a reflection of your mental space. Let Kreat & Design help you get organized once and for all.

Meet Jessica

I am here to help you clear the clutter both internally and externally. As a home designer and a Therapeutic Life Coach, I have a core understanding and belief that the transformation of our physical space has the power to be the catalyst for change in our personal lives as well. 

Design is about making people happy; functionally, esthetically, or emotionally.

– Robin Siegerman

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  So one thing I know is that we are all motivated by different things. For myself, I like the feeling of accomplishment of checking something off my list. How do you get things done? I have for as long as I can remember, been a list person. Partially it started...

Giving and Receiving

What is resentment telling you?  Life is filled with lessons. Lessons are all around us. I have talked in the past about paying attention to what your feelings are telling you.  Listen to your feelings and try to discover if there is a lesson to learn. Have You Been...

Getting Real with Myself

Every year around this time, I like to look at my goals and do some life planning. I do it this time of year because it is my birthday week and I love the process. Plus, I love to ponder how to make the next year the best year of my life. So, my birthday is nearing...

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